Monday, November 30, 2009

Business Blogs for Business Professionals

Blogging is becoming a way of life...for moms, dads, kids, hobbyists, social commentators, professionals and of course businesses. But while writing a blog seems easy, there are a number of pitfalls and bumps along this not yet altogether paved road.

Let's start with the upside: blogging is VERY informal, and thereby hangs it attraction. You can write almost anything you like: whether it's news about the family dog (a "Dog Blog"), or comment on the political situation; whether it's about your grandkids, or about the state of the world's economy. Nobody will check you, nobody will censor you - although if it's off-color and people don't like it, they might censure you, or just stop reading...

A blog can also get you wide recognition if you go about marketing it the right way and making sure it is optimized, exposed in all the right places, and gets you readership. SO, those are some of the GOOD things about blogging.

Now here's the BAD part: If you start a blog and you are serious about it (especially if its a professional or business subject) you HAVE to keep going. And you have to be consistent - in both message and frequency. If you plan to send out a weekly news update on the developments in Medicare, you absolutely MUST ensure that your blog is published EVERY WEEK. Failure to do so raises questions about whether you are still blogging, whether you’ve been hacked, or whether, let's face it, you are even still alive. This can become a chore - particularly if you need to find new content on a regular basis. It's not quite like a newsletter, which tends to give a somewhat cold, overview of affairs. A blog is personal; it's written by A PERSON and therefore it brings the communication - if we are talking now between an organization and its public - down to personal, one-on-one contact...the blog may be written by the CEO of the company (or at the very least under his name) or the Customer Relations Manager; by your local congressman or MP, by the Mayor of your city...but it's personal and it provides a human touch. Striking the right tone is therefore most important and comes next to consistency and frequency in the hierarchy of things to consider when you set out on this journey.

But let's face it, Blogging is fun: and you get to see what you’ve written immediately (typos and all). Fortunately there is some pretty nifty Blogging software out there, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

Now, here's where I come in: let me handle your Blog for you - I'll do all the research, writing and publishing of your blog, I will maintain it and keep it up to date, I will align it with your marketing policies and messages, and most of all, apply optimization strategies to ensure that it is read by the people who matters most to you and your business.

So, if the idea of blogging appeals to you, but you just couldn't be bothered with the hassle and the discipline it requires, let me take that off your shoulders...for a fee of course, but not such a hefty one. Pretty soon you'll have a following which can only enhance your overall marketing and promotional programs.

Be in touch - let's blog together.

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